F2U Cashless Platinum Membership - Additional 100 Invitations

PLATINUM Member can initiate 100 additional invitations along with 1000 invitations for Membership in Freerewards2u.com. Invitees will have access to shared information of member and can download or save member information in invitee mobile phone or computer system.

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₹ 10,000.00 tax incl.

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This feature will facilitate a secured business transaction with invitees and all the business communication is logged and the member will have access to usage of his membership card all the time. Any changes in his personal or business information also get updated in invitee contact list from time to time and it will reduce the business time while communicating changes
business information. Silver Member will also get 1 F2UCARD(QR Code) + NFC TAG enabled Member Control Card (MCC) to Control his membership services and It will also help in automating membership operation with the help of MCC.
Why Freerewards2u.com ?
Freerewards2u.com members can manage, monitor and control their invited members with the help of webservices provided by the Freerewards2u.com. 
1)Business contact Service is a popular mobile service and once the invitees scan the QR Code of member he will access to Email, Business card and Phone No and it will help invitee to immediately initiate business communications with member or download member business card to invitee mobile phone for saving in contact list.
2)Immediate access to Social Network of member is also possible and More than 12 Popular Social Media Contacts are integrated and member can share the contacts to public or restrict the access to other members.
3) Sending and receiving payment in India using UPI and sending and receiving payment internationally by using paypal is enabled and member can generate default invoice amount and it is processed at zero cost using UPI payment system and international payment processed by paypal. 
4) Access Control and log Service give information and knowledge about how your Business Card is used by the invitee or other members.
5)Automation service is also enabled through MCC (Member Control Card) for activating and deactiving services and providing
valued added services through access control services.
Why Freerewardspoint?
Most of the Cryptocurrency/Ecurrency / Other Currency system has its own flaws. Cryptocurrency systems advocate
demand and supply stories basis for increase in value of currency. The basic flaw lies in the login and every one know that 
future technology is well capable to beat all algorithms to give dead end of the Cryptocurrency theories and moreover no nation
will like to devalue their currency and allowing alternative currency in the form of ecurrency and cryptocurrency.We have found via media to address the system and found that any rewarding system which pays for the user of system while providing service or product will have enough credentials to boost the valuation of reward point. It makes system to adhere basic guidelines while benefitting the end user and also create demand for the Reward Point. The more the usage of Rewarding system the more the demand for rewarding the point. We have structured Freerewardpoint System in such a way that it will become common man need one day while availing products and services. The Freerewardpoint works within legal frame work of every nation also support democratic aspiration of selected and elected governments in promoting their currencies. In India we have understood the need of cashless economy and we have integrated the facility to all the members to send and receive payment at zero cost. When we benefit common man, we also want common man to get the Freerewardpoint for every act of promoting cashless economy. When every business service and payment transaction start rewarding end users it will create value and demand for Freerewardpoint and it do not require stronger credentials for supporting valuation theories.
We know that when everyone is rewarded with Freerewardpoint the value of Freerewardpoint is Not FREE. This will give initiation for easy business in generating new ideas, new avenues, new funding possibilitesfor  business. Freerewards2u.com creates value for Freerewardpoint for creating secured,controlled and managed business transaction in cashless economy. The adaptation of latest technology will boost this effort and today social media plays major role in structuring contact and business ideas and lacks transaperency and security. 
How Freerewards2u.com will fill this gap and therefore unlike all other systems it will now accept membership from unknown people and it only accepts membership through introduction and invitation. The Business Contacts plays major role in promoting any business and when contacts are programmed with the help of latest technology and rewarded with Freerewardpoint then success and reward is assured.
I am interested in the program and i want to join FREE
Yes we have program for free members and they can invite 10 members for free and they also get Freerewardpoint for joining the program and also the referrer also get Freereward Point. The only requirement is that the interested person has to initiate request to existing member for joining the program and the member has to send invitation using the Freerewards2u.com Free service. The system will identify the invitee and introducing member for promoting their business interest.
Whether Freerewardpoint is Multi Level Marketing ?
No we do not have compensation package for marketing at different levels? There is only referal fee for rewarding contacts to join free membership or paid membership. The Freerewardpoint always advocates Free service to members and when the member is happy with service at individual level then he can explore the benefit at commercial levels.
I want to promote my business and service using Freerewards2u.com online or offline and let me know how to do it ?
Join the membership program and send invitation to your group or contacts and they will earn Freerewardpoint and you will also
earn Freerewardpoint for refering people and use your  Freerewardpoint for rewarding members on every payment transaction and other value added services. You may keep Freerewardpoint as Virtual Asset for benefitting from future valuation.
I want to earn more Freerewardpoint and how to earn it ?
1) Participate in other member programs for Freerewardpoint and you can earn Freerewardpoint on every payment transaction or value added services.
2)Participate in Freerewardpoint sponsored programs and you will be rewarded with Freerewardpoint. There is various programs availalbe for members to join.
3)Use your group to actively participating in member programs and Freerewards2u.com programs and you will also get sharein 
earning of your group and it will be rewarded to you.
Whether I can upgrade my membership any time ?
Yes. You can upgrade your membership any time.
Whether I can avail more than one FREE membership ?
No. One Individual can avail only one FREE membership.
Whether One individual can join more than One paid membership ?
We provide paid memership to further the growth of member business and we recommend using one membership for one business and upgrading it as and when it is required. It will also help you in sharing your business information and programing your contacts structuring Freerewardpoint rewarding plan.Different Membership for different business ideas is always beneficial for member.
business campaign and rewarding members.
How i can get invitation for joining the FREE Membership ?
Search offline or online using google keyworld for Freerewards2u membership and you will get enough leads.
How the Freerewardpoint price isregulated ?
At Freerewards2u.com we support base price based on our own valuation theory and accept the Freerewardpoint in bulk for reuse in the system.Most of the time service providers and merchants will be in need of Freerewardpoint for availing and maintaining services.and always display their Buy Rate and Sell Rate in their Membership Card in their prefered currency option.
I have F2UCARD (QR Card) membership card and would like to use it as my business Card and how to use it ?
The F2UCARD (QR Card) it selfact as your business Card. One can promote their business intereste using the supplied
F2UCARD. All your business presentations and business documents one can share using the faiclity provided by Freerewards2u.com. You can manage all your Social Media Contacts and groups at one place. This will help you in spreading your business ideas to your members and contacts. you will know about fellow member activities in furthering your business interest through log file. The whole system is mobile friendly and operates in all kind of systems.